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Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews

April 15, 2017

There are so many types of models available, 11 in all actually, and it can be very hard to tell knowing which model offers what features and functions. Actually, the best massage chairs are best sorted into groups first and then the better details can be twist out. Here’s a massage chair reviews that will, hopefully, give you a good idea of what’s on offer.

Interactive Health owns the brand name for both Human Touch and iJoy massage chairs. The company is American but all chairs are made in China. The following chairs are grouped with the main differences between each model in the group being explained.

The HT 100, HT 102 and HT 103

The retail price for each of these chairs is around $1,500. They have leather upholstery which match vinyl with both the HT100 and HT102 being available in either Black or Bone and with the HT103 available in Cashew or Black – the armrests of the HT 103 come in oak. The HT 100 is smaller than the other two and has a vertical range of 20″ compared to 25.5″ of the other two chairs. Apart from these differences all the chairs are the same thing. You get the following massage functions: Rolling, Kneading, Compression and Percussion. These are the basic models so you only get Full and Spot range control and also the best massage chair for the money.

The chairs are good but they aren’t as good as the Fujikura 1000 massage chair that retails for less at around $1,200. The calf and foot massager is really great on this chair and does both calf and foot at the same time. It also has two additional massage modes of Chop Action and Flapping.
My advice would be to pay more consideration in buying the Fujikura than the HT 100, HT 102 or HT 103.

The HT 125, HT 135, HT 136 and HT 140

The retail price of these best rated massage chair is around $2,300, $2,400, $2,400 and $2,800 resp. Apart from price, styling and chair size there is really no difference at all between them. HT 140 being the largest while ehe HT 125 is the smallest. The HT 136 and HT 140 come with solid oak armrests. The massage control range is Upper, Full, Manual and Lower Position. They come with Spot and Partial Range massage. There are some kinds of colors and they all come covered in leather with match leather vinyl. Why, the HT140 should cost $400 more is anyone’s guess, so unless you’re really keen on its design, the other models offer better value for money.Get some full details from

Again, I feel the Fujikura 1000 chair can just about match any of these chairs in terms of design and features and it costs a lot less.

The HT 275 and HT 7120

They retail for around $2,000 and $2,600 resp. They offer pretty much the same functions, the main difference being that the HT7120 is upholstered in real leather as opposed to match leather vinyl, which would also explain the difference in price. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a chair that was upholstered in real leather; it just doesn’t wear as well which is why top manufacturers like Inada never upholster their chairs in anything but synthetic leather.

The best features of the best rated massage chair are the lumbar heat and the full body stretch massage; the chair locks your ankles, then reclines you all the back while giving you a massage in the lower back; very nice.

The iJoy 2580

One of the less expensive models, the iJoy 2580 massage chair from HumanTouch is an affordable alternative to some of the fancier chairs. This cute little chair is a space-saver and a conversation piece. Although, it lacks some of the functionality that the more expensive models have.

The HT 1650

Massage Chair ReviewsLooks more like an arm chair than robotic massage chair and will definitely appeal to those who dislike the ‘dentist chair’ appearance of most massage chairs. It retails for around $4,600. It has a fully retractable foot and calf massager – it’s a pretty good massager too with 2 programs and 3 settings. The massage chair even incorporates the latest magically in acupressure discovery sensors to deliver accurate type of shiatsu massage.

It’s a bit pricey for my liking; you can buy a chair like the Inada i.2 Massage Chair for a lot less and I think it’s a better chair. But, the HT 1650 does look very nice and delivers the goods in terms of giving you a good, relaxing or invigorating massage.

The HT 7450

I’m not too sure why anyone would buy this best rated massage chair. They sell it for an amazingly $4,000 and its highest claim to fame seems to be is antigravity position. It does have very appealing styling and is one of the most stylish on the market but, get your own a favor and consider the Inada i.2 chair instead.

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